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Table NameDescription
configsGlobal configuration table
code_messagesStatus code information table
language_packsLanguage Packs table of contents
session_keysInteraction key table
session_tokensInteraction token table
session_logsInteraction log table
filesFile main table
file_usagesFile: usage log table
file_downloadsFile: download log table


Table NameDescription
appsApp main table
app_usagesApp: associated usage table
app_badgesApp: badge data table


Table NameDescription
accountsAccount main table
account_connectsAccount: connect table
account_walletsAccount: wallet table
account_wallet_logsAccount: wallet log table


Table NameDescription
rolesRole table
usersUser main table
user_statsUser: stat table
user_logsUser: log table
user_extcredits_logsUser: extcredits log table
user_rolesUser: role record table
user_likesUser: like record table
user_followsUser: follow record table


Table NameDescription
mentionsmention(at) record table
notificationsUser: notifications table
conversationsUser: conversation table
conversation_messagesUser: conversation messages table


Table NameDescription
postsPost main table
post_authsPost: permission record table
post_usersPost: affiliated user table
post_logsPost: log table
commentsComment main table
comment_logsComment: log table

Content Category

Table NameDescription
groupsGroup main table
group_adminsGroup: administrator table
hashtagsHashtag(topic) main table
hashtag_usagesHashtag: usage log table
geotagsGeotag main table
geohtag_usagesGeotag: usage log table
domainsDomain main table
domain_linksDomain: link table
domain_link_usagesDomain Link: usage log table

Content Configuration

Table NameDescription
archivesExtended parameter table
archive_usagesExtended parameter usage table
operationsExtended operation info table
operation_usagesExtended operation info usage table
extendsExtended content table
extend_usagesExtended content usage table
extend_usersExtended operated users table
stickersSticker table
seoSearch engine optimization information table
citiesCity table


Table NameDescription
temp_verify_codesVerify code table
temp_callback_contentsCallback content table

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