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Develop client applications with Fresns unified and standardized APIs. Craft applications suited for various environments with a single development effort, ensuring compatibility and developer efficiency.

Return Result Format

The Fresns API is based on the RESTful standard and returns results in the following format

codeError Code
messageStatus Message
dataFresns Data
    "code": 0,
    "message": "ok",
    "data": {}

Data Specification

  • Empty array use []
  • Empty object use null
  • like/dislike/follow/block The count parameter, if null, means the backend is not public, if public, it is a numeric value.

FSID Introduction

sidSpace ID (Cloud Service ID)
ridRole ID
aidAccount ID
uidUser ID
gidGroup ID
htidHashtag ID
gtidGeotag ID
pidPost ID
cidComment ID
hpidHistory Post ID
hcidHistory Comment ID
fidFile ID
eidExtend Content ID
nmidNotification Message ID
cmidConversation Message ID
didDraft ID

Introduction of operation mode

  • Configuration Table key name site_mode
    • Public mode, with the key value public
    • Private mode, with the key value private
  • The introduction page of each interface has two modes of account and user parameters that must be transferred.
    • aid must be passed, which means that you must login to the account to request the interface. At this time, the token parameter is the token of the account
    • When uid must be passed, aid must also be passed.which means that the user must log in to the "account user" to request the interface. At this time, token parameter is the user's token

Released under the Apache-2.0 License