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Fresns is a comprehensive social networking service solution, meticulously crafted for cross-platform use as a universal community product. It supports a diverse array of content forms and is adept at catering to various operational scenarios, aligning seamlessly with contemporary trends. It stands out for its openness and ease of customization for further development.

Fresns facilitates cloud services, private deployments, and distributed deployments. Each mode allows for the seamless export and import of data, adhering to a standardized product design philosophy. It employs a unified API functional structure, ensuring that a single development effort is applicable across all three usage modes.

Applications developed using the Fresns API can take various forms, such as standalone websites, mobile apps, WeChat mini-programs, and quick applications. Should the core program's API not meet specific requirements, there's the option to install or develop additional applications to expand the API capabilities or manage related configurations for the client-side.

Web Client

  • Standalone Deploy: If your client is a standalone deployment such as Vue, React, Flutter or other technical solutions, it is just as easy to read the API documentation as it is for an app.
  • Run in Fresns(theme): The integrated web client that runs in Fresns uses the Laravel Blade template engine and follows the Blade feature and view files.

App Client

  • Please read the API documentation to develop an app client based directly on the API.

Released under the Apache-2.0 License