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Theme Development

The integrated web client that runs in Fresns uses the Laravel Blade template engine and follows the Blade feature and view files.

Directory Structure

ThemeDemo/          // Theme template folder (named after fskey)
├── assets/             // Resource files
   ├── fresns.png          // Theme cover image (square), must be present and fixed in position
   ├── js/
   └── app.js
   └── css/
       └── style.css
├── portal/             // Portal view folder
├── users/              // User view folder
├── groups/             // Group view folder
├── hashtags/           // Hashtag view folder
├── geotags/            // Geotag view folder
├── posts/              // Post view folder
├── comments/           // Comment view folder
├── timelines/          // Timeline view 
├── nearby/             // Nearby view folder
├── me/                 // Me view folder
├── messages/           // Message view folder
├── profile/            // User profile view folder
├── search/             // Search view folder
├── editor/             // Editor view folder
├── functions.blade.php // Theme Functions
├── error.blade.php     // Error Message Page
├── 404.blade.php       // 404 Page
└── theme.json          // Theme configuration file, responsible for defining the base properties of the theme

File Publish

When the theme is installed, the static resources are published to the public directory.

Theme FolderPublish to the site resource directory
Other FileNo Publish

theme.json Config File

  • As the theme template is also the mode of warehousing management, the "installation" uses the configuration file of the plug-in to process the warehousing of the theme template information.
    "fskey": "ThemeDemo",
    "name": "Theme Demo",
    "description": "This is the demo theme",
    "author": "Jevan Tang",
    "authorLink": "",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "functions": true, // Availability of setting function
    "functionItems": [
        // Configuration key name of the set function, used in conjunction with functions.blade.php
            "itemKey": "theme_menu_name",
            "itemType": "object",
            "isMultilingual": true
            "itemKey": "themeSet",
            "itemType": "string",
            "isMultilingual": false
            "itemKey": "themeSelect",
            "itemType": "string",
            "isMultilingual": false
    "functionLang": {
        "en": {
            "name": "Fresns Theme Frame",
            "description": "Fresns theme framework to showcase web-side functionality and interaction flow."
        "zh-Hans": {
            "name": "Fresns 主题框架",
            "description": "Fresns 官方开发的主题框架,展示网站端功能和交互流程。"

Released under the Apache-2.0 License